The Team

Rachel Sinclair 

Rachel is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and educator. She founded createmovedance with fellow dancer Georgie Taylor in 2002. Rachel graduated in 1991 from The Hammond School of Dance in Chester after completing 3 years of professional dance training including ballet, modern, jazz, tap acting and singing. In her final year, she gained teaching qualifications with the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Institute of Dance.

In 1992 Rachel moved to San Diego California, where she studied ballet pedagogy at Stage 7 School of Dance and completed an internship in aesthetic education with master dance teacher Kathryn Irey as part of the Leonard Bernstein Gifted Children project. She has worked as a freelance dance artist for over 30 years in a wide variety of settings in the UK, USA and Asia. In 2012 (until 2019) she moved to Cambodia with her family where she worked with English Ballet Theatre Cambodia as a teacher and educator. Her work included co-leading community dance projects with Looked After Children and running a teacher training program for early years dance classes with local dancers. Rachel is passionate about creativity and enabling students to develop as thinking, moving, human beings, able to integrate concepts discovered in the dance class into everyday life and learning. She also loves working with children and adults to see their ideas, thoughts and emotions expressed and shared with others through movement and performance.

In 2000 Rachel graduated from the University of Surrey with an MA in dance studies. In her work with createmovedance she continues to follow her own lines of enquiry to enrich her work. As part of this, the curriculum created for createmovedance classes is always evolving in response to the needs, abilities and interests of the students.

Rachel also has extensive experience working with community groups and in schools. From 2006 – 2011 she worked as dance artist with 5x5x5=Creativity. Her role was to work alongside classroom teachers, researching the impact of creativity in education and looking for ways to support children in their learning and development using the creative languages, particularly movement. Rachel is passionate about using movement and the arts to support family relationships and build community.


Synaet Nin

Synaet recently graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance where she completed 3 years professional dance training. She graduated with BA (Hons) in Ballet and Contemporary Dance and her training included intense training in ballet/point work, contemporary styles (such as Graham and Cunningham), improvisation and choreography. As part of her training she also worked with well known choreographers such as Darren Ellis, Alleyne Sisters and Darshan Singh Bhuller and performed in big venues such as Royal Opera House, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, The Point Theatre (Eastleigh) and The Great Exhibition Road Festival.

Synaet is originally from Cambodia. She started dancing when she was 14 and came to the UK to study in 2019. She is currently spending time living and working in the UK to establish herself as a dancer, choreographer and teacher before she begins to look at ways of bringing these experiences back to her home country. The purpose of her work with createmovedance is to develop her skills as a teacher, particularly with children and families.

Since graduating from Rambert School Synaet has completed the Rambert Grades training, which is a contemporary dance training syllabus recently launched as a collaborative project by Rambert School and Rambet Dance Company. The primary aim of the syllabus is to make contemporary dance training accessible to people of all background. Grades transition dancers from approximately age 7 years up to adult. She is hoping to be able to introduce some of this to students in the area via createmovedance.

In addition to her work with createmovedance and some performing work Synaet is also working as trainee teacher with Springs Dance Company in London, where she is working alongside other dancers to deliver workshops and residencies in schools in the UK. She is passionate about creativity and movement and finding new ways to engage people of all ages and abilities in exciting and fulfilling dance experiences.