The Hungry Caterpillar: Week One

Class should include: Circle warm up, large whole body moving warm up, main class exploring book theme and movement theme, art/reflection task either during or at the end of the class, snack/drink look at reflection/drawings together.

Class Plan Outline

  1. Give our felt shapes and sit in a circle. Focus small and big.  
  2. Introduce the story – Read the story up to the caterpillar popping out of the egg. 
  3. Explore making a small egg shape and popping out into a caterpillar.
  4. Introduce the warm up: moving like creatures that pop out of an egg. Try making the shape and moving like them, use cards to show what creature you are working on:
    1. Caterpillar – think about what shape the caterpillar is. Watch a video that shows how the caterpillar moves and have a go at moving like a caterpillar. 
    2. Spider – on 4 limbs Music: The Glow Worm by The New Concert Orchestra
    3. Dragonfly – fly with side wings Music: Toccata by Michael Price
    4. Frog – bounce Music: Foot Work by Michael Price, Bullfrog On a Spree by George Liberace and His Orchestra
    5. Worm – wriggle on belly Music: J. Strauss II: Voices of Spring by Vienna Symphony & Wolfgang Sawallisch
    6. Bee – small wings Music: Dance of the Little Pink Horse by Bernie Wayne and His Orchestra
  5. Looking for food:
    1. Read this section of the story – caterpillar looking for food. 
    2. Use pictures of fruit to show the children – have them choose a fruit.
    3. Travel in different ways to get the food.  You can ask for ideas from the children. Use music that fits the type of movement.  Travel for a length of time and then do the movement for eating the food. Then choose another type of food and a different way of traveling Music
      1. Rolling moving
      2. Run, 
      3. Scoot etc
    4. Transforming into a butterfly Music: Caught in the rain
      1. Get out scarves and wrap up in a cocoon.
      2. Play music and they come out and fly away 
    5. EXTRA: In the garden – give them the flowers to make a garden. Music
      1. Drink nectar from the flower. Sit in front of the flower, arms together, heel of hands touching, palms flat on flower facing away from each other. They pretend to feed from the flower.
      2. Fly in a circle around their flower
      3. Show wings off – large wings or hover like a dragon fly
      4. Find a new flower – travel around the room – read them the section from the story where the butterflies are flying around the flowers.
    6. Oranges and lemons – take the butterflies on a journey and then put them to sleep Music:
    7. Coloring in a caterpillar – what does your caterpillar look like?

Resources you will need:

  • Felt shapes,
  • Fruit pictures
  • Insect pictures
  • caterpillar video
  • scarves
  • oranges and lemons fabric
  • caterpillar pictures
  • Caterpillar video
  • large paper and coloured crayons
  • drawing mat
  • hoops
  • tea/coffee, juice, milk, biscuits, -plastic cups