About Us

Mission Statement

Everyone Can Dance!

We believe that dance and movement are a vital part of the human experience and are committed to making it available and accessible to all areas of our community.

We believe that learning to dance is a creative process! Children and adults who dance, do it because they love to move. For many, movement is part of the way they learn and express themselves. Our classes encourage all participants to develop their own potential as creative beings as well as supporting their understanding of technique. Createmovedance was founded in 2002 by Rachel Sinclair and Georgie Taylor, who both wanted to develop an approach to dance education that encouraged all members of the community to experience the joy of dancing.

Emergent Curriculum

Createmovedance does not teach classes using any of the more formal dance training models such as The Royal Academy of Dance of the Institute of Society of Teachers of Dance. We acknowledge that there is value in those systems and that they exist to promote excellence in dance training. However, we recognise that this model does not suit everyone and some children and adults learn more effectively outside of an exam based system. We endeavour to work with an emergent curriculum that responds to the needs of the children in a specific class whilst also ensuring that the material being taught does not fall below the standards a child or adult would recieve from a more traditional exam based system.

Learning outcomes

We place a high value on creativity and encouraging children to play an active role in their learning whist also introducing them to the wider world of the arts and dance to inspire their journey as artists.

We endeavor to nuture creativity and creative processes in a way that enables children to apply what they are learning in all areas of their lives.

Our classes are designed to introduce children to ballet in a creative and fun way. Our intention is to lay a foundation for further learning should children wish to pursue ballet to a higher level. The classes are also intended to provide a foundation for children who wish to pursue other forms of dance or other movement related activities.

Professional Development

Createmovedance aspires to integrate current knowledge and understanding of movement, dance, the body and the learning process within all its work. Teachers are encouraged to participate in continued professional development and to implement their learnings in class.