CreateMoveDance believe that dance is one of many languages through which children and adults are able to learn and experience the world around them, as well as develop social and personal skills and abilities.  

We offer a range of bespoke, in-school dance activities for children in foundation stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2 and also for those with special educational needs. We believe that children love to dance and do it naturally. Research shows that movement is a necessary element in learning and brain development. We all need to move to understand but for children it is essential. It  develops their  agility and coordination, verbal and non verbal communication of ideas and emotions, problem solving and self esteem and confidence.

“Very impressed – everyone loved it, teacher included!  The six week unit of dance lessons linked to literacy and as a result the children wrote some amazing fables.”

Dance as a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning

Crea takes the innovative approach of integrating dance with curricular subjects to bring topics to life. Our workshop leaders work with classroom teachers to develop sessions that  are in line with current subjects, themes and topics.  Examples of the various topics and themes explored through dance in previous workshops and residencies include:

Literacy & Poetry
Peter Pan
Alice in Wonderland
Aesops Fables
Roald Dahl

Culture & Art
Famous Artists
Around the World

Geometric Shapes
Angles & Degrees

Stone Age

Science & Dance

Following our workshops, teachers have been delighted by the children’s improved engagement and enthusiasm in the topic whilst also finding that this approach enhances comprehension and encourages the involvement of all pupils, particularly boys.

CreateMoveDance can also provide Dance as a PE subject and workshops for special events such as arts days or books weeks and after school clubs.

Our  workshop leaders are experienced Dance Teachers, DBS checked and are approved by Wiltshire County Council with Right Coach status.

Excellent, it was pitched at the right level for all the children. Georgie was able to maintain the children’s attention throughout and continually praised the children. She really valued their ideas.”