The Sand Horse

This block of Creative Ballet Classes  explores a beautiful story called The Sand Horse written by Ann Turnbull and illustrated by Michael Foreman.

One windy summer day, an artist makes a horse sculpture out of the sand on the beach at St Ives. It takes him the whole day, and all the beach people admire it. But when everyone goes in at the end of the day, the Sand Horse can hear the white horses in the surf calling to him: ‘Come with us to Sennen, Land’s End, and Longships Light!,’ and he longs to join them. The story ends with the Sand Horse galloping away in the waves with the other white horses. 

Each class will engage with the story at their own level.  We will be taking our inspiration for movement from things that we find at the beach and as well as creating ways to explore and retell the story through movement.

The Sand Horse

Unfortunately this book is no longer available to buy new but you can find it second hand here.