Winter theme music & ideas

Home practice for “BALLET TECH” and “BALLET FORM”: Both classes have been creating choreography inspired by our theme Winter. Each child is dancing in a group that has chosen music either from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Winter (or a piece called Clair de Lune by Debussy.

Practice maybe a bit trickier in these classes as in class students work as a group but maybe some willing siblings or family members would enjoy being taught some extra parts so that these choreographies can be practised more easily at home! Our focus for this term has been Coordination, why not see what movements or exercises you can come up with that incorporate arms and legs working in opposition to one another OR movements with arms and legs that work in time starting and finishing together.

BALLET ADVANCE students…. there is plenty you can be practising at home. Keep up with regular pointe work exercises which you should all know. I believe Rachel worked a lot on feet with you last week too. Also you could practise your fan dances and continue to come up with some choreographic ideas to add using your fans. I am not able to tell you which Saints Saen track it is yet but am working on finding out the name for you to access the music. I will post it on here once I can. I will be endeavouring to post regular posts so you can KEEP DANCING at home! Please share ideas on here so that others can have ago at them too. Georgie


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