The Vestibular System

Sometimes I stop and think about all the little movements that our bodies are doing without us even realising, the rest of the time I am just taking my movements for granted. But if you actually stop and think about it, it’s incredible how our movements coordinate, how our muscles switch on, how our nerves transmit messages and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it. This led me to thinking how it would be if certain activities felt uncomfortable, hard work, or required concentration to action or if movements made you feel unsteady, nauseas, or wobbly. We all have different experiences of this as we all have unique bodies. This got me thinking of how beneficial vestibular activities are for all young children, so today I have a link for you that explains their benefits and how you can action them at home.

Click on this link to The Inspired Treehouse site for more information and lots of activities for The Vestibular System from their website. There are a few quick ideas below.

Most activities require some equipment, but most things can be found or substituted from household items.

Have Fun Floor Explorers!

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