Bridges and Tunnels

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Hey there “Floor Explorers” I hope you’re all managing to enjoy this lovely weather. This week’s Floor Explorers theme was going to be “Bridges and Tunnels” so I thought that I would bring you some ideas to do at home or in the garden.

FIRSTLY… Can you make a standing up Bridge with your legs and do you have a friend that can travel through your bridge?

Now swop and see if you can travel through theirs.

Can you make other kinds of bridges using your whole body? Perhaps in a crawl or a back bend. How many different types of bridges can you make?

What other bridges can you make using other body parts and what can fit through the bridge space?

How many bridges can you make from small finger bridges to bigger body parts all at the same time?

NEXT…. Can you find some fabric or a blanket to make a tunnel and crawl all the way to the end and back, try crawl backwards through it too?

If you can find others to join in then you could put all your various body bridges together to make a tunnel and take it in turns to travel through.

ALSO….. have you got any bridges and tunnels in your home? go and find objects or furniture that could be tunnels for yourself or your toys to travel through.

ART:  I thought the photograph was a good inspiration for an art activity (providing you have toilet rolls!)

Don’t forget you can also dance The Chocolate Tree Dance and I’m going to list the order of moves for others to join in too…..

  • Curl up tight as a ball like a cocoa bean in the ground
  • Start to grow into a tree getting taller with arms twisting out like branches
  • Shake branches in the wind
  • Fall to the ground and roll like the newly grown cocoa beans would do in the wind
  • Swoop up the beans and crush into cocoa powder with fists banging together using alternate hands on top
  • Make a circle holding hands with your dancing pals to form a mixing bowl
  • Using your shoulders pretend to shake in some sugar (at least 3 times)
  • Stretching arms up high and bending over to your toes pretend you are pouring in milk (at least 3 times)
  • Now you have your gooey chocolate mixture stir it altogether by side galloping around in a circle and then back to your spot. 
  • Smooth out your mixture using your body with a long, smooth, stretch using your legs or arms (we did it with bare feet on a smooth floor in class)
  • Finish the dance by making the shape of your favourite Chocolate treat……

OR try these ones out for fun!

Chocolate Buttons

Freddie Frogs

Easter Bunnies

Easter Egg

Chocolate Stars

Curly Wurly !!

See the source image

The music that works well for this dance is the Putomayo track on our resources page on Hope you have fun! Georgie 😊


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