Ballet Prep and Ballet Mode – week 30th March 2020

Hello All

I hope you are managing to keep active and finding ways to have some fun. This week I am posting a couple of suggestions for you to add to your ballet practice. You already have your Shoe Shopping Skips and Frozen dances that you can practice too. As we have been focusing on Coordination this term, I thought it would be a good idea to practice your Hopscotch!


Maybe you can chalk a Hopscotch grid outside somewhere near your house, or if you have some mats you could lay out a path the way we do in class. However you do it, remember to Hop on the one step and Jump landing with two legs on the 2 steps! If you are finding this easy and you can always make it harder by alternating which leg you hop on each time.

CLick here for music.

Finding Fabric for your dance

Now following on with our Winter theme: can you find a scarf or some floaty fabric to dance with? Holding your scarf in one hand pretend you are swirling snowflakes in a snowstorm? Using the words below to inspire how you move:

Swirling, twirling, floating, landing, gusting, fluttering, swooping

Don’t forget to use both arms evenly when you’re dancing, swop the scarf from hand to hand. Maybe add in a leap, some travelling spins, some floor moves to your dance.

If you can find someone to join you create a dance together swirling and twirling together.

Can you still recreate the dance just using your arms without the scarf?

At the end of your practice don’t forget to Curtsey, especially if someone was watching you.

Click here for music.

Keep Dancing….I’d love to hear how you get on!


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