Activities for Early Years and their family.

Maybe you have already made and played with play dough, (see our earlier blog: Get Creative with your Hands) if so, here are some movement ideas to add to your play dough fun!

Can you experiment and see how many different shapes you can make with your dough? What about having a go at some of these shapes below and then trying to copy the shapes you make with your body?

  • Can you make a ball shape, called a sphere? Roll the dough in a circular movement in your palms. How will you make this shape using your whole body?
  • Can you pat your ball flat until it is as flat as a pancake? Can someone pat your body ball shape flat until you are as flat as a pancake?
  • Now can you roll up your pancake backwards and forwards under your palms until you have a long skinny worm?
  • Can you coil your worm shape dough round and round until it looks like a Snail’s shell? How will you make this shape with your body? Can you move along the ground in a coil, like the snail does?

• Now make your own weird and wonderful shape and then create it as best as you can with your body?
• Have you got a sibling or parent that could pretend to be the play dough? Maybe you could pat and mould them into different shapes! Then swop over and let them mould and pat you into a shape!
• If there are a few of you, you could create a big shape all joined together!

Have fun… I would love to see any photographs of weird and wonderful shapes!


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