Through The Window

painting by Jaweria Sethi, director of Edopia School, Pakistan, April 2020

Here is a project invitation by Sightlines Initiative to do something creative with your children.   This may add to exploring life in lockdown from a different perspective.

Look out of your window: –  Draw a picture of what you can see – either the whole view or something in particular that you like. Tell someone about your drawing: what can you see? How does it make you feel?

”Windows Anywhere ….”

spacewindow inline image preview

Here is another suggestion for you: we thought it would be fascinating to see what the children would think of if they imagined looking through another window – a submarine window maybe, or a spaceship… a window into a jungle… anything at all that they would like to consider, I’m sure they will think of lots of interesting vistas and we would love to see their ideas!

“Imagine you could make your own window anywhere, looking out onto whatever you want. The window could be on a rocket, a submarine or anywhere else you choose. What can you see from your window? Can you draw it? How would you feel looking out from this window?”


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