Fun activities for Early Years children and their grownups!

Here are some Pirate Ship themed actions that can be added together for a weekly warm up! 

  1. “DROP ANCHOR” An anchor is a very heavy and strong piece of iron that Pirates used to use to anchor their ship to one spot and stop their ship from drifting at sea. With strong metal arms can you drop to the floor like a heavy anchor and land in a similar shape to the one in this picture?  Look at the shape of the anchor in this picture, can you land in a similar shape?
  1. “WALK THE PLANK” Pirate ships had a plank of wood that used to hang out over the ship sometimes above Crocodile or Shark infested water! Can you walk along the plank without falling into the water? The plank is very narrow, so you need to carefully put one foot in front of the other, so you don’t topple in! 
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  1. “LAND AHOY” Pretend you are looking for land from your ship with a telescope, holding the telescope in 2 hands, sway from left to right with your feet still, reaching around as far as you can each side searching for land… 
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  1. “RAISE THE SAILS” Using one arm reach up and pull down your pretend rope attached to your heavy ship’s sail, then using the other arm as well alternatively reach and pull your pretend rope until you’ve raised your ship’s sail! 
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  1. “SCRUB THE DECK” Pretend your Captain of the ship has ordered you to scrub the ship floor! On your knees pretend you are holding a scrubbing brush and push and pull it in front of you and to both sides.
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So here is a warmup you can practice with your grown up at home and I will be adding more Piratey ideas next week for you! 

This is a link to some typical Piratey music you could use for your warmup too: 

And here are some Pirate sayings you could use to get into the mood! 

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If you fancy having a go at making a Pirate ship at home, here is a link on how to make a simple Pirate ship that you could decorate and add some netting and sails to too. Please post some pictures to our Pirate Facebook post if you do, I’d love to see them! 

So, Me Hearty’s have fun and tune in again next week for more! 


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