Treasure Hunting!

There is so much fun to be had Treasure hunting and so many ways to do it, but first of all you will need a map and some treasure.

Find or make a box that would be suitable to hide some treasure in. Some ideas for treasure:
• Beaded necklace, rings, bracelets, tiara
• Chocolate coins
• Wrapped snacks like raisins etc
• Finger puppets
• Dress up costume/accessories
• Small toys
• Glow sticks
• Stickers
• Shells
• Precious stones
• Old photograph

If you fancy making a Treasure Chest, then here is a link to help:
or you may already have a special box in the house that could be used instead!

Treasure Chest

Now you will need your map: with some help from your grown up, create a map of the area that you will be exploring whether it is around your home, garden or just your bedroom. On your map you will need to pretend you have some:

• Mountains (something you can climb like a settee, bed, chair, climbing frame etc)
• Sinking mud (a fluffy rug, a duvet, sand pit that you can sink into)
• Crocodile infested beach (a space for running and jumping over crocs!)
• A cave (a dark covered area to crawl through, under the dining table, or use a blanket for a den)
• Stepping stones across the river (find some mats or something to create balance pads to cross the river without falling in!)
• Tall reeds or jungle foliage (hang some ribbons or bits of fabric, to duck away from on your pathway)
• A whirl pool (find a hola hoop and spin round and round)

Treasure Map

Find somewhere to hide your treasure box and mark an “X” on your map! But before you reach the treasure chest you will have needed to have adventured all around your Island…… and don’t forget you will need to be able to go all the way back again without letting the Crocodiles get you or Sinking too deep into the mud!!!

There are lots of other ways to have fun with Treasure hunting, these are some of my favourites:
• Use pieces of a jigsaw puzzle as clues, once you have all the pieces you can find the treasure!
• Use a piece of string that you must follow all the way to the hidden treasure box!
• Take photographs to show where the next photograph clue is!
• Go outdoors and use chalks or natural markings like twigs or rocks to lead the way!
• Put a message in a bottle and hide it somewhere for someone else to find!

Don’t forget you also have your “Pirate Ship” warm up from last week you can do too….

Have fun Floor Explorers!


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