Starting Again!

We are excited to let you know that we are restarting classes after the Easter holidays 2023!

After a long period with nothing happening, due to having to close when the pandemic started, we are ready to get going again and would like to invite you to join us. We realise that things will have changed for all those who previously came to our classes but want you to know what we are doing in case you are interested in your child joining any of the classes we have on offer.

We are restarting our 3 youngest creative ballet classes as a first step and will start up our oldest class if we get enough interest. We are also planning on restarting our Floor Explorers parent and toddler classes and looking at running an adult dance class in the near future. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these.

We do have a few changes. Georgie has now moved to North Wales so classes will be run by Rachel, who originally started createmovedance with Georgie in 2002. We also have a new teacher Synaet Nin, who has recently graduated from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and will be starting out as an apprentice teacher. You can read more about our team here.

Classes will be held in Sutton Benger Village Hall (just outside Chippenham) on Thursdays after school during term time. This is a lovely space with a beautiful wooden floor that is great for dancing and there is a playground area just outside for siblings needing a place to run around whilst waiting. There is also a car park at the hall for those who need to drive to classes. The specific classes that we will be running to get us started are:

Ballet Prep: (3:30 – 4:00 pm) This is our beginner class and is aimed at children 3 – 5 years.

Ballet Mode: (4:00 – 4:30 pm) This is our level 2 class and is aimed at children 6 – 7 years.

Ballet Tech: (4:30 – 5:10 pm) This is our level 3 class and is aimed at children 8 – 10 years.

Cost: Ballet Prep and Ballet Mode £4.50 per class. Ballet Tech £5 per class.

Fees are paid on a 6 week block basis.

Please contact Rachel at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to sign your child up for classes. You can also visit our schedule and booking page Schedule & Booking to sign up for classes.

Places in classes are limited so do get back to us as soon as possible!


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