Creepy Crawlies

Activity for Early years and their families. (3rd April)

Grasshopper: look at the legs on this grasshopper! They can jump a very long way and very high. Can you bend your knees and crouch low and then spring up into a big grasshopper jump? Bend your legs on landing and try again. Grasshoppers make a vibrating noise by rubbing their legs together, when you need a rest from hopping why not try rubbing your knees or your elbows together and make a chirping sound.

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Ants: ants are very busy workers going about collecting food to take back to their ant nest. Did you know that they usually follow the same pathways to and from their nests by using their senses? Can you pretend to be a tiny crawling ant finding a pathway around your house to follow and taking the same pathway back again? Maybe you could pretend you are collecting food to take back to your nest.

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Woodlice: are little creatures that crawl about minding their own business until they feel under threat, when they do, they curl up into tight little balls to protect themselves. You could take it in turns with your grown up or sibling to be the woodlouse and as soon as you feel your partner touch you, you immediately curl up into a tiny ball. You can uncurl again once your partner has moved away, is it safe to continue crawling?

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Centipede: A centipede has so many legs that there are too many to count! How many legs can you pretend to have? If you can find more family members maybe you could all link up to add legs to your centipede? Are you able to coordinate all your legs together so that the right legs and then the left legs move at the same time?

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Dragonfly: Dragonflies love to fly around and hover above ponds with their beautiful dainty wings, can you find some fabric to make into some wings and attach to your arms? Do you have a rug or something on the floor that you can pretend is a pond? With your beautiful wings are you able to flutter them out to the sides beating them quickly like a dragonfly? Travel around your space fluttering your wings and then stop and hover above the pond. Maybe you and your grown up or sibling/s can be dragonflies together fluttering around and taking it in turn to hover above your ponds.

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Creepy Crawlies Game: Have someone play some music and when they press pause, they have to call out the bug, you then continue being the bug until the music stops again and the next bug is called out.

Garden activity: What bugs can you find in your garden or out on a walk, watch how they move their bodies, can you imitate the way they move?

Art activity: Why not have ago at inventing your own made up bug? How many legs does it have, does it have wings, pincers, etc. First draw it and then move around the space like your newly created bug would.


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